The firm operates primarily in the area of integrated design services for renovation and refurbishment of buildings to be used in the tertiary, housing and hotel sectors. Heading the practice is Tatiana Milone, an architect with long and solid experience of this sector, gained initially as a project manager with responsibility for Southern Italy at Imco Costruzioni (Italstat group), later as Technical Manager at Edilnord (Fininvest group), and lastly as Manager for Space Planning & Layout, then Renovation projects at Pirelli RE, in the Facility Management department. In 2005 she set up her own architectural practice in Milan.

The firm offers comprehensive project design services based on a well-proven method. Its fundamental objectives are:
- To focus on clients' requirements, designing facilities on the basis of ad hoc projects rather than standardized schemes.
- To adopt innovative solutions that allow optimized use of space, and efficient and effective interventions that offer the flexibility to meet any eventual needs for changes.
- To ensure appropriate supervision of each commission from the drawing board to project completion, there
by guaranteeing that quality of the end-result matches expectations.
- To monitor timing and costs, from initial estimates to completion on allocated budget.

Tertiary building
Main clients are large companies intending to renovate, reorganize and/or move their offices, or to commission and assess feasibility studies. Each individual project is handled from start to finish, taking in every phase from initial design concept and space planning through to management of building and installation work.

Home building
Main clients are private individuals or property developers whose needs span from feasibility studies, space planning ideas, supervision of building permit procedures, technological propositions through to project completion.

Hotel building
Main clients are developers or management companies in search of innovative concepts, alternative space planning, interior design suggestions etc. through to complete supervision of the renovation process.

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